Weightlifting School

Weightlifting is a good and safe leisure activity for young people. Not everyone needs to become an Olympic champion or a world champion, but the goal can be set up according to their own abilities from the inter-member races. And you don’t even have to compete with a weight lifter, as the sport is a great form of exercise that develops all physical attributes in a versatile way.

Weightlifting is a long-established Olympic sport whose strengths can be attributed to its best suitability for strength and balance training and learning the right lifting techniques. Thus, weight lifting offers optimal exercises for nearly all other sports for strength and balance training.

Weight lifting is also a good form of exercise for all sports. Indeed, weight training for weight training has gained ground in recent years in many athletic sports – the muscular system develops proportionately as do other physical characteristics.

Weight-lifting doctrines have also spread widely. The stick jumping ideology stems from weight lifting, which started with the basic movements of pushing and pulling. There are cautious estimates of around 200,000 people in Finland, and the sport is ideal for workplace exercise and improving mobility for older people.

What does Weightlifting School offer and to whom?

Weightlifting school is intended for 8-15 year olds, but younger and older parents are also welcome. The weight training schools usually practice about twice a week and the weight training school is supervised by a club coach.

The weightlifting school learns the right lifting techniques and the basics of training. These include:

  • The right equipment and tools
  • Keeping a training diary
  • Behavior in the training room: order / security
  • Weight Training Exercise: Endurance, Movement, Elasticity, Skill and Coordination, Speed, Balance and Agility
  • Initial and final warm-up
  • Preparing for competition and the competition itself (rules)
  • Honesty and “fair play”